Phase 1: The meet and greet over a cup of tea

This is where we have the conversation and ask some questions:

  •  What is it that you are most concerned about?
  •  How are you going to fund Retirement?
  •  How could you pay off your mortgage faster?
  •  What would happen if you or your partner had a debilitating illness or injury?
  •  Are you prepared for the future?

We take this opportunity to really understand what you are looking for from a trusted financial planner. It is important for you to understand what we are able to assist you with and determine whether our services are appropriate for you.

Phase 2: Data gathering

This is the who, what, how and when stage.  This is where we start to gather your financial information and begin to really understand your current situation. From here we can commence research into how you can best achieve your goals and start to paint a picture of the journey ahead. We do this by bringing our expertise to your situation as well as clarifying any important points along the way. 

Phase 3: Recommendation

We will provide our recommendations within a written Statement of Advice. We provide you with a comprehensive document outlining our proposal and why we think this is the best advice for you. Further, we make it our goal to ensure you understand our recommendations, by simplifying our advice where possible.

Phase 4: Implementation

Putting it together. Once you have given us the go ahead to proceed, we lodge paperwork and applications with the recommended providers on your behalf. We make implementing our advice as seamless as possible. 

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