“I had known Kathleen Lewis for approximately eight years when she joined the MLC Dealer Group as an office assistant in a small financial planning firm. Over that time, I have seen Kath grow to a successful, self-assured well-grounded Financial Planner that employs four people and throughout that time stayed true to herself and her belief that she is here to help.”

Karen Benfield, Paraplanner, P2A

“Kath’s knowledge and skill and commitment to us as clients has helped us not only reach our goals but also expand our real estate portfolio and secure a greater peace of mind for our future and that of our children.”

C Myler

Kathleen consistently goes above and beyond in her duty as a Financial Planner to ensure everyone receives exemplary service. Kath understands any business needs to be about numbers, but it is the satisfaction she gets when a client has been able to turn their life around that keeps her committed to the cause.”

R Whitehead

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